Rickkkkky!: Last Days of trouble and pains


Last day of pains more says to gain my life was once taken. But gotten back my life was once dread full of sorrows full of pain my life was a mess more then just a deck my life changed I have loots more to gain cancer said it would stop me but. I said no I pulled the focus the bond the mind seat…

Fighting Cancer

My success story would be when I was 16 year old. I was diagnosed with colon cancer stage 4. On September of 2011, I started taking chemotherapy. Xeloda was one of the medications prescribe for me. The side effects were tolerable to manage. Xeloda has helped me to prolong my life to live to see 2012.  Xeloda has stopped my cancer growth, and still killing my cancer cells. I am still taking Xeloda today. So far as of this year no troubles are any concerns with this medication. I thank god every day for being blessed. I am truly blessed, and wouldn’t ask for more than what he has given me.

Last Days of trouble and pains

Last day of pains more says to gain my life was once taken. But gotten back my life was once dread full of sorrows full of pain my life was a mess more then just a deck my life changed I have loots more to gain cancer said it would stop me but. I said no I pulled the focus the bond the mind seat that I was not gonna cry I was going to suck up the tears and keep going keep going over the hurdles the devil throws at me that I was going to past the test god has set for me to do. I was going to rise from occasions and win my battles that life it’s self chouldent stop me that. I wasn’t going to let it beat me that I would stay strong I would carry with me the burdens of the past that I was going to rise when I fall get back up when it almost feels impossible that I would carry on for those who have fallen I Stand for cancer an all the ones out there that go through it everyday and to feel the same pain they feel is a blessing. Cause I wouldn’t see all I have for me in front of me that I have today life has its up and downs. It its what you make everyday to keep going to keep looking forward my last days have yet to come I will keep fight cause I know its what I believe in and I will keep my promises to everyone and the lord that I will as well. Life ha not ended but have gotten better for the better when you look back and see all you have done it is a blessing alone do or all those out there fighting keep on going like finding nemo just keep swimming life is just begun so enjoy it I know I will.(:

Love it ^-*


My hands.. They were strongs.. But my knees were far to weak.. To stand in your arms.. Without falling to your feets.. 

”Cancer! knowing your not alone and someone is there in the same place as you”

Living with something this crazy as it sounds is painful you get the treatment’s there the worst you can take.  You start crying wishing God Will take the pain away but really it’s up to you. If your going to suck it up and take it all and live are give in and ”Die’ Which is the worst thing anybody would ever think in there life off course your going to want to fight and win. Then there’s some times you do wanna quit and just live normal again. Not feeling weak not feeling nothing of any sickness at all. Just to live and be free from any medication’s are treatment’s just to live along with other’s as normal that they are. And not do it anymore and live your life till you eventually “Die” because of that experience you wanted to be free again. So what i say is that yet freedom is a good choice to choose at times but really would you Rather be free for only a short time are prolong that life you have to live for forever and ever! Through something that’s going to cure you yet you may feel like a prisoner in your own body as being a slave to it. But really it’s your choice to kick it in the ”BUTT” and say no this is not going to beat me and take over my body. Yeah. religion helps only if you believe your going to get cured.And off course believing in him who give use strength as well as nothing that is to hard to bear that we can’t handle are self. When your at the verge of giving up i hope what i write comes to mind and you think of these thing’s before giving it up. Are falling into something like a trap that Satan himself what’s you to go.are the sense that your going to live and make it through whatever even if that means die trying doing it.Knowing you put up that fight for once in your life for the better cause.I say don’t give up,Don’t fall in, don’t let that little voice in your head that Tell’s you to stop.Don’t listen i say if there is a god which there is he knows are pain’s we face he knows the difficulties we face and he knows when we are putting up are best fights in life and not givingup. i hope this inspires you to wanna go out and ”Live” i say ”Live” LIve like it’s your last gIve thanks to everything you do in life never look back at the past look toward your futures the one’s you wanna depend on for support and help to not let you give up on your self family,Friends,loved one. give up your old body to god and let him be the one to give you a new one.let him be the one to say it’s okay to quit are it’s okay i got you in my arm’s and will never let go. Are to say your the one i see that’s fighting your hardiest for me. let the weaknesses you have not let you down not let it take over not let it be the one to say it’s in control. find that strength in your heart in your inmost soul to not give up.Say i will get through this i know i will. If you don’t make it well at least you can say you died trying and never gave up.are if you make it through it will be the most glorious treasures you have to hold.Let it be the blessing’s of the lord deliver you to the almost high let him find his way into you and take over.Lead him in every prayer for ever single one you prey help to give you that strengthlet family friends encourage you to not give up to comfort you when your at your weakest.Live to say you fought something in your life that is worth fighting for being your own ”super hero” Don’t let the word’s Cancer! scare you are defeating you.You worked so hard in your life to quit. Your to good for Cancer! Think about your friend’s,Family,Boyfriend/Girlfriend,The one you depend on. See you fall and not comeback.Say you will defend your life you have weather if anyone Care’s about you are not your going to live the life they wished they had a pure sense of freedom.Don’t let the one’s that don’t like you when you didn’t have cancer bring you down they don’t see that life you gave up turn into something new a new body you have that they don’t. that they wished they had make them see what’s more important anger,hatreds. Are love,and joining hand’s with each other in the walks of joy,Freedom that we are living and taking are life that’s so precious day by day.So this i say to you in my likes of myself that i do have cancer myself. Collen Cancer but let me tell you nothing stopped me at fighting! And never will and am living the life that was once taken from me but got it back. So never give up Never! you got your whole life ahead of you. people you never got to see dream’s at steak memories worth making to share with grandchildren are friends and family.College’s you wish to go to. Getting the full Richie’s of life and the journey you’ll be on exploring each day that life gets hard at times but it’s what you do when you fall and get back up that makes you the strongerperson!!! Cancer makes you realize what’s more important in life and that i have seen what’s most important in my life.Opening my eyes to see the thing’s Ive faced and see me overcome everything Ive been through….

"“Sometimes I find my head spinning. Not because of alcohol, but because of my life.”
— Lady Gaga to Ok UK"